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Easy to Use CMS

The Q4 content management system (CMS) is a complete content and web disclosure management system that gives you full control over your investor website. The system allows you to manage all content, functionality and navigation in an easy-to-use ‘Word-like’ interface. The CMS automatically captures detailed web disclosure records of all changes and approvals in a time-stamped audit trail. It allows your team to view and report against your site's content and instantly recall fully functioning historical versions of your site from any point in time.

The Q4 system provides a comprehensive feature set to address the SEC’s Reg FD guidance on web disclosure, helping you optimize your web site as an effective and recognized disclosure channel.

Popular Features

  • Content Management - Allows you to control every aspect of your website, not just your Investor section, including all site content, functionality and navigation. The system allows you to change text, images, add or move pages (along with the entire navigational tree) and modify the layout of pages. It allows you to create templates and new sections and even allows you to create stand-alone mini-sites. This eliminates reliance on external technical services to manage updates to your site and gives you greater control over the timing of your online disclosure.
  • Tagging - Tags are like keywords that you can add to any content to make it easier to find later. For example, during earnings as you add content such as events, presentations and reports you include a tag associated with that event such as Q110. This will then auto assemble the content into a Q1 earnings page, and any content you add to the site with the Q110 tag will automatically be added to this page. Similarly, you can tag content with “Briefcase” and it will be automatically added to an investor briefcase page on the site. Tagging your content allows pages and lists throughout the site to be easily generated at any time.
  • Approve Press Release via Email - As a press release crosses the wire, an email alert will be sent to specified individuals within your company for approval. Once they view the title and confirm the release is correct they click on a link in the email which automatically sends it out to your email subscribers. This feature gives you an improved balance of automation and control over your content.
  • ‘Word-like’ Editor - Provides a familiar and easy-to-use editor for all of your website content. Virtually all formatting and functionality found in Word, is included in the Q4 WEB content editor. The editor also provides the automatic conversion of content to HTML, so it’s easy to ‘cut and paste’ from Word.
  • Site Wide Preview - Q4 WEB allows you to easily preview changes as they will appear live on the site. The preview displays the entire site with full navigational capability - not just a restricted section or limited view.
  • Scalable Workflow - Depending on the size of your team (1-20) workflow helps to manage content and ensures that only approved content is posted to your website. As changes are made and submitted to the system, an email is sent to prompt the next person in the approval process. This allows for the comprehensive control of all content creation, approval, staging and publication. And it means no more emails to draft and no contacts to chase down in order to facilitate approvals.
  • ‘Website Recording’ Technology - Q4 WEB records all changes made to the website in real-time. This includes all pages, content (presentations, downloads, video), images and data feeds. The system creates a verifiable audit trail and enables site managers to instantly retrieve fully-functioning replicas of the site as it appeared at any point in time. The searchable record allows you to access detailed information through an easy-to-user Web interface.
  • Start and Stop Times for Content - Every piece of content in the system can be set to go live at a future date. Content can also be set to come off the site at a future date and time (and Q4 Record allows you to time-shift to these dates to verify in advance that your content will be on or off the site at the times you have requested).

Other Great Features

  • Multi-lingual Content Management - Easily manage any number of languages within the same system and toggle between languages as you make changes to your site.
  • Manage Multiple Domains - Allows you to control multiple sites (domains) within a single system, including internal and external sites.
  • Mini-site Creation and Management - Integrate mini-sites and temporary sites, such as deal sites.
  • Integrated Asset Management System - Q4 WEB includes a full-featured Asset Management system. You can upload and link any type of document, image or video file to any internal or external page. You can also automatically change images to thumbnails or scale them for your website. The system even automatically tracks versions of each document or asset, ensuring that your record of disclosure extends to all of the documents posted on your site.
  • Secure Pages - Q4 WEB allows you to offer a secure area on your site for password protected individuals such as employees or Board of Directors. You can use this area to post confidential or internal information such as HR materials, vacation request schedules, meeting minutes. All of the same functionality available throughout the public site is available within the secure section.
  • Careers - Expand your website to include job opportunities. Post jobs and manage candidate resumes.