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Interactive Analyst Center

Five years of financial information, updated automatically from filings plus ratios, customizable, interactive charts and company/industry specific Operational Drivers all accessed from your IR website.

This embedded financial module is a best practices application that:

  • Increases your company valuation with best practices transparent disclosure
  • Offers the interactivity of exporting to Excel up to 5 years of aggregated financial data
  • Saves time, effort and money educating existing and potential investors
  • Updates your quarterly & annual financials in real time for conference call “housekeeping” questions
  • Provides new methods of visualizing financial relationships with interactive graphing tools
  • Seamlessly integrates into any corporate or investor website

Key Features

  • Issuer Editing Tools - provides full control over selection and timely updating of line items and data
  • Export to Excel - aggregated statements and data can be exported for simplified model building
  • Interactive Graphs - users can build, select and graph interactive operational and financial ratios
  • Optional Login - capture investor information for high value investor targeting
  • Links to Actual Filing Data - line item transparency with cells tagged to source documents
  • Embedded Data - interactive platform makes deploying financials in your IR website seamless and easy
  • Excel like Presentation - for easier understanding and accessibility
  • Ratio Formulas and Descriptions - provided for enhanced investor education
  • Feedback - enhance online communication between investors and companies

Financials - Five Years of Historicals
Five year operating and GAAP history

  • Quarterly
    • Income Statement
    • Operational Data
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
    • Detailed Capital Structure
    • External Elements
    • Ratios
  • Annual
    • Income Statement
    • Operational Data
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow

Statement Presentation

  • Excel like tabs for easy navigation
  • Right-click any data item to link back to source document

Detailed Ratios

  • Detailed list of operating and valuation ratios assist investor understanding
  • Left–click on any ratio for ratio formula and description

Interactive Graphs

  • Right click on any element to graph for easy analysis
  • Four different graphs enhance analysis
  • Toggle between yearly and quarterly data

Full Control to Issuer

  • Select columns, rows and data points for customized presentation
  • Ability to import XBRL documents into Virtua platform facilitates updating

Easy Deployment and Integration

  • Financial module hosted by Virtua
  • Module framed within hosting IR website for seamless presentation
  • Neutral look and feel can integrate into any website