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Leading Edge Investor Tools

More than 30 best practice IR modules to help you communicate more effectively online. Ongoing product upgrades keep you on the leading edge of market and regulatory trends.

Enhanced Quarterly Reporting

Using content tags, all quarterly report material is pulled together and displayed in an easy to use format.

Investor Briefcase

Packages the most important investor relations tools and content in one area and makes it easy to quickly access or download critical corporate and investor information.

Full-text RSS and Email Alerts

Allows you to keep your investors and stakeholders informed and engaged at all times with full-text versions of RSS feeds and email alerts for news, events, presentations and webcasts

Real-time updates to Facebook and Twitter

Enables simultaneous publishing of news and updates to your website, Twitter and Facebook.

Integrated Slideshare, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo

Presentations, videos and documents are distributed through popular social networks such as SlideShare, YouTube and Flickr which enables investors and stakeholders to quickly share your content to their favourite social network such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for increased exposure to millions of retail and institutional investors.

Share any page

Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn, Email, Instant Message, SMS

Interactive Stock Quote and Historical Lookup

Includes both a summary and detailed interactive chart. Interactive charts allow users to modify: Time Frame, Frequency, Comparison, Chart Type and Events. Users can enter any date in history and obtain a detailed quote for that day.

SEC Filings in Word, Excel, PDF and HTML

All of your SEC filings are now available in various formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, and XBRL. This allows current or potential shareholders the ability to download and analyze the information in their preferred format.

Interactive XBRL Data

Q4’s web platform now delivers a highly accurate real-time rendering of XBRL-tagged SEC filings enabling users to review, customize, or share embed code through social networks and web 2.0. In this format, financial statements can be viewed interactively from the IR website giving all investors more meaningful information that is easier to find, download and analyze.

Interactive Analyst Center

Five years of financial information updated automatically from filings, plus ratios, customizable interactive charts and company/industry specific Operational Drivers - all delivered in an online excel format and available for download.

Google Maps

Embed Google maps to show the location of your operations. Includes all of the features of Google maps, including satellite photography.

Flickr Photo Galleries

Using the new Photo Gallery module, you can easily add and manage an unlimited number of photos. Clients typically use this for the large number of photos associated to projects and operations. Users are able to quickly flip between photos without having to reload the entire page.


Q4 integrates site wide Search to allow users to access information by searching key words. Of course the effective use of Quick Links and Relational Content lessen the need for Search functionality.

Press & News Releases

All press releases submitted to the wire are automatically picked-up and deposited into your IR Portal and displayed in all appropriate areas on the site.

15min delayed Stock Quote

Provides a 15min delayed stock quote that can be displayed anywhere in the site and in any format. Typically this is displayed within the header of the site and viewable on all pages.

Dividend & Split History

Provides a complete history of dividends and splits for the company.

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