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Powerful Web Analytics

Q4 Web is integrated with Google Analytics to provide site managers with a comprehensive understanding of where site users are coming from (geographic) how they find your site, and how they navigate through it (page views, click-throughs, time on each page, time on site, frequently viewed pages, drop-off pages) making it possible to improve your site.
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Graphs and report summaries are supplemented with drill-down details. To help you understand how to work with your results, Google Analytics provides context sensitive help for every report. Q4 also integrates Google website analytics with financial content and stock analytics within the dashboard to provide a unique view into how a companies website traffic, news, events (like earnings calls) are behaving alongside the company’s stock.

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Actionable Data

The chart is fully interactive allowing for various date ranges and selecting which data to overlay on the primary website traffic chart. In a future release we’ll be adding index comparisons. Additional web analytics are also provided including top pages, referrals, countries, landing pages and search keywords. All data is accessible with one click off the Q4 Web dashboard.

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Valuable Insights

Exit page analytics ensures that you get enhanced stats reporting by adding the top 10 pages that users exit when leaving your site. This provides your company with great insight into the bounce rate of your outside content. Knowing where people are coming from gives you a great idea of where to focus your energy and find out what brings people in.