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Simultaneous Web Publishing

Real-time integration with social networks enables simultaneous publishing of news and updates to your investor website, Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits.

Using RSS feeds to publish your content to Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits can result in various delays due to how RSS works and the reliance on third party services. Direct integration with the Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits application programming interface (API) allows for real-time simultaneous publishing to all of these platforms. Real-time simultaneous publishing alleviates compliance issues relating to selective disclosure so information can be accessed on all channels at the same time.

View a video of our StockTwits integration as well as updated Social Media Dashboard:

Q4 is the only IR vendor with real-time integration of your website, email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits. As content is posted to your website (either manually or through a data feed) it is instantly shared to your subscribers and the web at large.
  • Real-time, simultaneous publishing of content to website, Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits
  • Automatic full-text email alerts and RSS feeds keep your investors informed on news, events, presentations and important updates
  • Automated email distribution triggered by datafeed and manual posting of information including press releases, events, presentations, reports or any other content type
  • Segmented email alerts & RSS feeds lets subscribers choose specific information of interest by topic
NEW One-Step Publishing to SlideShare - Upload a presentation to Q4 Web and it is instantly published to SlideShare along with website. (more details)