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Social Media for IR

Q4 is the pioneer and leader in the use of social media for investor relations. Our research and best practices form the basis for all of the features that have been integrated with Q4, starting in 2010 with the introduction of social media publishing to Twitter. With the recent support of the SEC for the use of social media, the features and capabilities of Q4 have never been more valuable.

With more ‘conversations’ taking place online, being a part of the dialogue allows issuers to correct misperceptions and be the voice of authority for their companies. Without this, the online community fills the void and issues can spiral out of control – impacting market perceptions and share value.

Utilizing our software along with the web’s most popular social networks and communities we work with our clients to create a customized social media strategy to drive IR web site traffic, expand content distribution and increase investor engagement. As your content is shared across the web your firm benefits with greater exposure to millions of retail and institutional investors.

See below for details on our social media publishing, integration and archiving.

Social Media Publishing

Q4 is the only IR vendor with real-time integration of your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StockTwits and SlideShare (and email!). As content is posted to your website (either manually or through a data feed) it is instantly shared to your subscribers and the web at large.

  • Real-time, simultaneous publishing of press releases, events, presentations and reports to social media
  • One-Step Publishing to SlideShare - Upload a presentation to Q4 Web and it is instantly published to SlideShare along with website
  • Secure connections to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StockTwits and SlideShare APIs
  • Manual publishing to any social channel from within Q4, publish any page to social media with two clicks

Social Media Template on Dashboard

Our Social Media Dashboard now features easy to use editable templates so that users now have full control over how their information is presented on various channels.

Users have the ability to edit Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and StockTwits templates in our Social Media Dashboard for press releases, events, presentations, financials and SEC Filings. With this update you have the benefit of easy to use, time saving templates that are fully customizable to fit whatever content you are sharing to the social channel you use.

Social Media Integration

Virtually any social media that is published on the web is available to be integrated into Q4 client websites. Current sites that are supported include YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Each of them is connected via the providers API and is updated in real-time should anything new be published or updated.

We help companies package their content and other key materials into sectioned categories and make those elements subscribable which help visitors to readily pick and choose, receive and share only those content aspects that are relevant to them. Integrating social media helps companies present themselves to broader audiences such as journalists, bloggers, employees and shareholders and motivate greater participation and openness.

Social Media Archiving

Starting in March 2013, all social media posts published through Q4 are now archived along with our industry leading web disclosure records. The social channels that are currently supported for archiving include: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StockTwits & SlideShare.

Each social media update is recorded in a client's database, including a record of the channel, the content and all the links in the content. For Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits a receipt record is also archived, verifying the time it was published on that channel.