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Web Disclosure Records

The SEC's RegFD guidance governing web disclosure has underlined the importance of the corporate website as a primary source of information for investors and the capital markets. As more issuers look to fully leverage web technologies to meet compliance requirements, the need for integrated disclosure controls and comprehensive records becomes increasingly important. The Internet is now the dominant channel for disclosure, making it critically important to maintain accurate and detailed records of all information disclosed through the corporate site. In the face of regulatory inquiry, you need to know what appeared on our site at a given point in time – right down to the second. Q4 gives this to you instantly.

Strong disclosure controls & procedures, supported by consistent, thorough and searchable records is an issuer’s best defense in the wake of a regulatory inquiry. To reduce risk and liability, records should be able to demonstrate due diligence by documenting:

  • What was on the web site at any given point in time (including all downloads, presentations and information populated through data feeds)
  • The accessibility of the content (to illustrate that negative information wasn’t ‘buried’)
  • The full chain of approvals/timelines for information posted to the site

Q4 helps you reduce risk associated with website disclosure with the most comprehensive website records available. Recall complete versions of your site from any point of time to address legal or regulatory inquiries. Key features include:

  • Automated website records, maintains verifiable audit trail of all website content
  • Timeshifting allows you to call up functioning duplicates of the site from any point in time, complete with all downloads, presentations and data feed information
  • Aids in certification of disclosure controls and retention of electronic disclosure records

Q4 records all changes made to the website in real-time. This includes all pages, content (presentations, downloads, video), images and data feeds. The system creates a verifiable audit trail and enables site managers to instantly retrieve fully-functioning replicas of the site as it appeared at any point in time. The searchable record allows you to access detailed information through an easy-to-user Web interface.

Q4 WEB - Real-time Website Recording & Audit Trail

Q4 WEB is the only IR-focused solution available in the market today that consolidates all aspects of an effective and detailed web site record in an easy to use and reportable format.

Real-time, Comprehensive Record

Everything that happens on your site is captured (in real-time) in a comprehensive record which is stored and instantly retrievable. This record is comprised of all content that appeared on the site, uniquely including information updated through automated data-feeds such as press releases, stock quote, and regulatory filings. Also unique to Q4 WEB, the full content of any presentations, media files and transcripts that appeared on the site is included in the record along with details on exactly when this information was posted. Importantly, our record also gives you the full context in which a user might have accessed your information - complete with all links leading to and from that content. Context is of course important in terms of demonstrating that negative material information wasn’t intentionally ‘buried’. It also provides an understanding of how users formed their impressions as they accessed your information.

Instant Site Duplicates from Any Point

Q4 WEB is the only solution that allows you to instantly recall fully functioning copies of your website from any point in time. Internal users simply access the calendar in the admin version of the site and time-shift to any date and time in order to instantly recall a site duplicate.

Verifiable Audit Trail

A detailed workflow/audit trail is also captured which helps with certifying disclosure controls and procedures (as per SOX 302 and NI 52-109). This record can also be queried to provide specific information, such as isolating the first time a specific keyword was displayed on the site. This flexibility in reporting saves significant time and energy in producing accurate records of disclosure during any legal or regulatory inquiry.

Social Media Records

Starting in March 2013, all social media posts published through Q4 Web are now archived along with our industry leading web disclosure records. The social channels that are currently supported for archiving include: Twitter, Facebook, StockTwits & SlideShare.

Each social media update is recorded in a client's database, including a record of the channel, the content and all the links in the content. For Twitter, Facebook and StockTwits a receipt record is also archived, verifying the time it was published on that channel.